About me

Hi! I'm Father Cathie*
I am an Episcopal priest, ordained for over 20 years. I've served congregations in New York City; Durham, North Carolina; and Wichita, Kansas, and on the staff of the Bishop of North Carolina.

Through it all I have retained my love for the church and serving God and God's people. And I have learned that there's a lot of ways church used to work, that it's not working anymore!

In 2016 I stepped out in faith and launched Free Range Priest, dedicated to helping clergy and congregations navigate the 21st century church - and world - through Creative, Sustainable, and Digital Ministry.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of ministers - clergy and lay, those in congregations and not, from many denominations and none - all with the same question: how do I share the love of God more fully in the world?

Nothing has been more meaningful to me than finding answers to this question.

* why 'Father' Cathie? Find out

Free Range Priest
Free Range Priest

What people say about my work:


Fr. Cathie has been immensely helpful to me in sorting through the overwhelming possibilities of using technology for my ministry ...
she is a great teacher and problem solver and her boundless energy is inspiring!

Sr. Becky


As one with extensive experience, insight and skill in nurturing creative ministries, Cathie is masterful at listening and offering accessible action steps to launch ministries from scratch

Rev. Megan


I have so many new ideas for my ministry! A change of mindset is really important. I appreciate Cathie's willingness to explore and admit that mistakes will happen and not to worry about them but grow from them

Rev. Paula