the Future of Church

Clergy and Congregations Reimagining Ministry


Did you know only half of Christian congregations can afford full-time clergy?

And that number is shrinking!
Institutional, denominational church - a building, a professional staff (including clergy), a set of programs, all supported by a membership community - has been declining for decades.
The Good News?
Creative, Sustainable, Digital Ministry is helping us reimagine what thriving church looks like.

What I hear from clergy and congregations:

I love ministry but I hate my job!

Are you ready to rediscover your true call and share your gifts in creative ways?

I love my church but I'm afraid we'll have to close our doors

Are you ready for sustainable part-time ministry, re-thinking how we serve together as clergy and congregation?

Free Range Priest
Free Range Priest
Free Range Priest

I’m Cathie Caimano, 'Father Cathie'*,

and I am your Free Range Priest.

'Like the chicken?' people always ask me - and I say, 'yes!'

Because it's still 'chicken' - still ministry - bearing the sacraments, Scripture, and traditions of the Christian faith - it's just healthier and more sustainable (and it tastes better!)

For over 5 years, I have dedicated my ministry to helping others serve their ministry in new ways, both within and beyond the congregation.

I love God, love the church, and find joy in connecting more people with their faith, and encouraging others in their calling.

* Why 'Father' Cathie? Click HERE to find out

About me

Institutions Free Range Priest serves with

What I do

Free Range Priest

Creative Ministry Startup

  • You're ready to offer your own gifts and serve beyond the congregation
  • You're thinking of becoming an 'entrepreneurial evangelist' or a 'faith practitioner'
  • You're not sure about all the things you need to get started (or jumpstarted) with your ministry. It feels a little overwhelming!
  • You know there's something more than this for your ministry but don't know how to get there
  • You need some guidance, experience, wisdom, and someone with a plan!

    You may be ready for Creative Ministry Startup...
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Training and Consulting

Sustainable Part-Time Ministry

Part-time that's really part-time.

A training program that reimagines clergy and small congregations thriving in ministry together.

Congregations get the ministry they need and can afford, clergy serve without being overwhelmed. More Good News is shared by all.

Creative Ministry Startup

Reach beyond the congregation and serve a creative calling.

Get guidance, encouragement, and resources for starting - or jumpstarting - your own Creative Ministry.

Website, email, social media, the business of ministry - and most important: how you are called to share the love of God.

Organizational Consulting

Ready to reimagine ministry as a community?

Free Range Priest offers a variety of Creative, Sustainable, and Digital Ministry consulting and training packages for congregations, dioceses, and denominations, tailored to your budget and needs.

Digital Ministry workshops and audits, Sustainable Part-time Ministry training, Practical Preaching in the Digital Age, and more...

Online courses

Start reimagining ministry with the basic concepts. All courses are online and can be completed at your own pace.

Free Range Priest

Free Courses

Get Paid for your Creative Ministry

Not getting paid for our ministry is not ok. And it never was!

Clergy have always been compensated - from taking the food that was sacrificed on the altar in ancient times to living in housing provided by the community.

As we reimagine ministry in the 21st century, we also have to reimagine how it becomes sustainable.

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Become a
'Clergy Consultant'

You love your congregation but you are exhausted from doing 'everything' and not getting paid enough to cover your bills.

You have a hard time setting boundaries around your own responsibilities and struggle to encourage others in their leadership.

It's time to re-think your relationship to congregational ministry - and your own!

5 Minutes
to accessible, affordable Digital Ministry

The biggest challenge for Digital Ministers is overwhelm.

There are so many setups and programs and lighting options and cameras and cords and microphones and...

Don't you wish someone would just make it easier?

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For more insights on church in the digital world, plus: get weekly Good News!

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After working with Cathie, I have a stronger sense of my ministry, both within the congregation and in an online format.
Most valuable was her ability to brainstorm and to listen deeply

Rev • Marion

Is it time to reimagine your ministry?

It's time to find out!