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Now is the time to use Digital Ministry to connect with our neighbors and share Good News with the world. 

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RESOURCES Are you jumping into Digital Ministry and don't know where to start? 

SO often, the hard part is not which button to push, it is knowing what you will share when you do. It is getting into the mindset of using technology to share Good News. It is gaining the perspective of reaching hundreds, thousands, millions of people with the love of God

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I'm Father Cathie Caimano*

And I am your Free Range Priest

I have been an Episcopal priest for 20 years, and I have seen the institutional church - which I love - struggle to adapt in the 21st century

After a decade serving in congregations, and 5 years serving on a denominational leadership level, I felt called to walk alongside clergy and congregations as we find new ways of serving the church in the digital world - a world where most people no longer belong to traditional Christian congregations. 

I am passionate about sharing the Good News of God's love for everyone, and I am tireless in encouraging my fellow ministers to take bold steps into the adventurous future.  

* why 'Father Cathie'? Click HERE to find out! 



Digital Ministry Coaching

You can do it! Technology can seem overwhelming -
there are SO many platforms and products out there.
And we need what works best for ministry -
how are we the most effective pastors, priests, preachers, proclaimers, especially in this trying time?
One step at time!
You can learn one new skill today that will help you serve God's people in the virtual world

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Interactive Website Design

21st Century Technology

Now is the time to have a clean, clear, easily updated online presence, to share worship, evangelism, updated news and Good News with all who follow Jesus with you.
Free Range Priest can quickly design, build, and host the virtual space you need for today's ministry.

The future is now.
We are in an unprecedented time of change.
Good News in new ways,
to a world that needs it now more than ever.

RE/vision: How is Digital Ministry?
Translate worship, prayer, pastoral care, visitation
in ways that make sense online

RE/solution: Learn practical skills for serving more effectively, now and as we grow into the future

RE/action: Take ONE small step towards a new vision of how the church thrives in the world.  

Let Free Range Priest help you put it all in focus

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What Creative Ministers are saying...  


the Rev. Megan Anderson Meganourishing 

"As one with extensive experience, insight, and skill in nurturing creative ministries, Cathie is masterful at listening and offering accessible action steps to launch ministries from scratch."

the Rev. Callie Swanlund The Epiphany Space 

"I am grateful to Cathie for seeing my call, for helping me claim it, and for gathering a group of strong and creative priests to walk this way together."

Backstory Preaching

the Rev. Dr. Lisa Cressman Backstory Preaching 

"Father Cathie is a patient and able teacher, an encouraging and challenging coach, and always gets the job done well an on time. You will be blessed to receive her guidance!"