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If it's time to reimagine your ministry, let me help you with insights and encouragement to make it

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Free Range Priest is
clergy and congregations reimagining ministry

Creative Ministry is serving in new ways, within and beyond the congregation.

It's entrepreneurial ministry, reaching new people with Good News, online and in-person.

It's bringing love, peace, forgiveness, rest, and reconciliation to new places, on new platforms.

It's being a 'faith practitioner' in a world that needs spiritual healing and care.

Sustainable Ministry is part-time that is truly part-time, not full-time hours for part-time (or no!) pay.

It's being a 'clergy consultant' to small congregations, providing the ordained ministry they need and can afford.

It's being able to pay our bills and also serve God and the church.

It's congregational and entrepreneurial ministry together in a way that means we have one vocation, served in different ways.

Free Range Priest

Digital Ministry is using today's technology to bring the love of God more fully into the world.

It's serving those who are already members by connecting them with their community when they cannot pray or worship in-person.

It's reimagining church membership by gathering people from any geographic location.

It's translating our mission and ministry from one space to another.

I’m Cathie Caimano, 'Father Cathie'*,

and I am your Free Range Priest.

'Like the chicken?' people always ask me - and I say, 'yes!'

Because it's still 'chicken' - still ministry - bearing the sacraments, Scripture, and traditions of the Christian faith - it's just healthier and more sustainable (and it tastes better!)

For over 5 years, I have dedicated my ministry to helping others serve their ministry in new ways, both within and beyond the congregation.

Why I want to help you

I love God, love the church, and find joy in connecting more people with their faith, and encouraging others in their calling.

I've found new ways to reimagine ministry, and I want to share them with you!

* Why 'Father' Cathie? Click HERE to find out

Fr Cathie Caimano

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