Free Range Priest empowers ministers
to bring church to people -
in ways that are creative, sustainable, and digital.

Start your own Creative Ministry

There's never been a better time to serve the church and the world
... with your own unique gifts
... in the way you were called
... in-person and online

The Future of Church is Part-time

Learn the fundamentals for serving sustainably with
... one congregation
... more than one congregation
... creative and congregational

Gather in-person: Grow Online

Create digital sanctuary beyond Sunday morning
... grow disciples in new ways
... reimagine membership
... bring church to people


I’m Cathie Caimano, 'Father Cathie'*,

and I am your Free Range Priest.

'Like the chicken?' people always ask me - and I say, 'yes!'

Because it's still 'chicken' - still ministry - bearing the sacraments, Scripture, and traditions of the Christian faith - it's just healthier and more sustainable (and it tastes better!)

For over 5 years, I have dedicated my ministry to helping others serve their ministry in new ways, both within and beyond the congregation.

Why I want to help you

I love God, love the church, and find joy in connecting more people with their faith, and encouraging others in their calling.

I've found new ways to reimagine ministry, and I want to share them with you!

* Why 'Father' Cathie? Click HERE to find out

Fr Cathie Caimano

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