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Free Range Priest is here to serve YOU as you consider ministry both inside and outside the congregation.  

Whether you are clergy, a congregation, denominational leadership, or you are simply want to learn to share the love of God more effectively in the digital world, Free Range Priest wants to know your story.  

And we want to help you share it. Let us know what's on our mind, and how we can help you. 

Digital Ministry



Leadership Retreat


  • How to love being the church of 'right now' - not how you once were or wish you could be 
  • Find out how 2 Sundays a Month can be Good News
  • Get a Ministry Mini-site for easier, more accessible online presence
  • Work with a Free Range Priest
Technology for Ministry Social Media


  • Why 'Free Range' does NOT mean 'running wild'
  • Give clergy the skills they need for today's church
  • Support congregations in your diocese, conference, or geographical area
  • Contact Free Range Priest for customized training and consulting
2 Minutes of Good News, Evangelism

Good News

  • Get 2 Minutes of Good News every Monday morning
  • Learn to SHARE Good News in new ways
  • Understand Digital Evangelism and how important it is
  • Celebrate how the church is GROWING through creative ministry

Let's get started.

Free Range Priest offers individual coaching and consulting for the challenges YOU face in the 21st century church and world. Find out how to Make Ministry Sustainable. The initial call is FREE.

Cathie Caimano

I was ordained in the Episcopal Church almost 20 years ago, back when being clergy almost exclusively meant serving in congregational ministry.

I did that - and loved it! - for a decade, then served for 5 years on the staff of the then-Bishop of North Carolina (you might have heard of him!)  

Then I took what I learned about how ministry is changing and how to support clergy and congregations in the 21st century church - and world - and I became a Free Range Priest in 2016.  

I wrote a book, some articles, got interviewed for a great podcast, and get to serve with some amazing ministries.

Long story short...

My ministry is serving you in YOUR ministry!

Let's work together

to share the Good News of the love of God with MORE people, in MORE places! Send me a message with your comment or question, or to request some time for a FREE initial call. 

Making Ministry Sustainable

Free Range Priest is helping clergy and congregations navigate the 21st century church and world. 

Find out How

Re-imagine Ministry

There has never been a better time to be in creative ministry. Most people are NOT in church!  

Many people are waiting to hear Good News. YOU are called to share God's love, and the Christian faith inside - and beyond - the walls of the church.  

NOW is the time to find out how.

Let Free Range Priest do it for you.

Get a one-page 'Ministry Mini-site' for your church or creative ministry.

  • Designed and hosted by Free Range Priest
  • A lower cost, clear and effective way to launch (or enhance) your digital ministry
  • Easy to update and edit, forward your own domain name.
  • Comes with a customized logo!
MORE about Ministry Mini-site

Let's re-imagine the future of the church.

  • How 'digital' and 'in person' ministries are compatible - not mutually exclusive
  • How clergy can get paid on contract - not salary
  • How 2 Sundays a month = Good News
  • How Free Range Priest can help

What is a Free Range Priest?

Why Free Range Priest?

Only about half of all clergy get paid a full-time salary, and that number continues to decline.  

Creative, sustainable ministry is necessary to support the work of sharing Good News in today's world. 

The mission of Free Range Priest is to help make that happen. For YOU and YOUR ministry.

Faith and Leadership article

How a Free Range Priest Works

Serve congregations on contract, not salary. Serve in the digital world as a coach, teacher, guide, mentor, spiritual director...

Read More

"Cathie has been a courageous truth-teller as long as I have known her.

Free Range Priest is a call for the church to embrace new structures without losing the heart of our ministry - to explore creative ways of connecting clergy with congregations that can bring life and energy to the Jesus Movement."

- the Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

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