Creative Ministry Startup

Ready to go all in with your Creative Ministry?

There's never been a
better time! Online tools and resources make it easier to reach people and engage them with their own spiritual lives.

Changing demographics and institutions means there's a deep, global mission field for those willing to answer the call.

You might think of it as being an 'entrepreneurial evangelist' or a 'faith practitioner'. I like to call it becoming a
Free Range Priest!

Whatever term you use, it's about sharing your unique gifts for ministry in a reimagined way.

To get there, you'll need support, encouragement, guidance and practical resources.

That's what you'll get with
Creative Ministry Startup...

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Creative Ministry Coaching

  • You're working full-time hours for part-time pay and you don't know how much longer you can do it
  • You're dreaming of your own perfect ministry but you don't know how to make it a reality
  • You're struggling with technology and you need someone to tell you which buttons to push and what equipment you need

    Free Range Priest can help!

    Get 4 renewable sessions of online coaching to sort out the big picture of your ministry: Sustainable, Creative, or Digital, and get on the path of your true calling

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Sustainable Part-time Ministry (SP-TM) Training

Have you ever noticed how so many church leaders - lay and ordained - are tired all the time?

We are exhausted. And busy. And overwhelmed. And how we do church is not helping with that - in fact, it is part of what is keeping us from getting to the good stuff - living our discipleship, and sharing the transformative Good News of the love of God.

Most of us, deep-down, know this, and feel this.

But we are afraid. Why?

Because we don’t really see an alternative. Or, more precisely, we don’t see an alternative that looks like thriving church.

We really fear that all this decline means we will have to close church doors, or that we will be out of work as clergy.

And deeper down, we are afraid there will be no one there to worship with, no one there to be with us in community - to celebrate life’s passages with us, to visit us when we are sick, to bury us.

We might lose our vital connection to the love of God.

We might lose this place - this group of people and this location - that means so much to us, maybe for generations. These are big and true things. It’s not wrong to have these fears.

Sustainable Part-Time Ministry (SP-TM) Training supports the belief that there is Good News beyond them, by reimagining the way that clergy and congregations serve in ministry together.

Organizational Consulting

Reimagining Ministry in Context

Free Range Priest works with congregations, dioceses, and denominations

Projects include...

  • Preaching instruction focused on Digital Ministry
  • Digital Ministry 'bootcamps', workshops, and courses
  • Sustainable Part-time Ministry training
  • Creative Ministry Support
  • Special projects according to your needs

Online Courses

Digital Ministry:
Translating Church

  • What’s different: the tools and experiences we use to share ministry
  • What stays the same: sharing the Good News of the love of God.
  • What the invitation is: the adventure of discipleship in a new spiritual discipline