What if you could serve the way you're called?

I remember my ordination day, on the cusp of the 21st century - literally, January 2000. It was cold! On that morning, hours before the beautiful and moving ceremony that would make me a priest, I sat in silence, alone, at the very back of the church. And I said, 'thy will be done', out loud to God.

I had no idea the adventures that my vocation would take me on - the privilege of standing at the altar and pulpit; being in the holy spaces of birth and death; speaking hope and forgiveness into all manner of events in the lives of others.

As the church changed, I saw my service shifting.

I felt like I spent more time shoring up what was dying - the institutional and physical structures, the administrative processes, the meetings and councils and budgets - and less on what was being born: new ways of bearing the sacraments, Scripture, and traditions into a world hungry to know the love of God after generations of drifting away from the church. I knew my call had changed:

from bringing people to church to bringing church to people.

If this is your call, too; if you believe we can reimagine ministry for the Church of the Future (including serving the present church more sustainably), then let me walk with you:

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