A growing family, a new marriage, or saying goodbye to someone you love. These events connect us to something larger than ourselves, propelling us to seek deeper meaning in our lives. But words often fail us here, and so do our limitations— our own human ability to make sense of the miraculous, the tragic, the profound, the infinite capacity of love and the ever-present reality of evil.

These aren’t the only times we need the connection to something larger. Everyday events – losing a job, confronting an injustice, navigating a relationship – make much more sense when we have a better understanding of how we believe the world works, and our place in it, and God’s presence with us. But we can’t just make up our own moral frameworks. Deep down, we all believe something.

Through spiritual coaching, I'll help you learn how to notice and share your belief, so you can practice the Christian faith in ways that infuse every action, big and small, with love.



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God is present in your life — from your relationships to your career, in conflicts and current events. Learning to articulate your beliefs, and to practice your faith daily, can have a profound effect on your life, the lives of others, and the world.


Virtual, spiritual coaching sessions explore…

  • Peaceful relationships through holy conversation and conflict resolution
  • Forgiveness of others and ourselves, as a key part of our life in family and community
  • Sabbath rest as an antidote to busy-ness and endless stress

Discover who God is and how God influences every moment through one-on-one spiritual coaching. You can ask questions, challenge ideas, and learn about how faith impacts your daily life.

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