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Maybe... you are ordained - or plan to be - and find it hard to serve in the traditional church model  

  • You serve full-time hours for part-time pay
  • You serve several part-time calls and feel exhausted
  • You don't take a day off, and you feel like your work is never done, but the expectations around your tasks aren't clear, so you just do 'everything'
  • You don't get paid at all for your ministry
  • You're not sure if you can find a new call (or your first one!) that is a full-time, salaried position
  • You love the idea of Creative Ministry, but you are not sure how you can put it together  


The church is changing

Membership is declining. Resources are not as plentiful. Many clergy and congregations struggle with issues of how to keep everything thriving in the institutional church model.

But we ARE in the resurrection business! 

You know that there are new ways to think about how to bear the Scripture, sacraments, and traditions of the Christian faith into the world, and into the church. 

You know there are ways to support small congregations as they are and still serve in ministry in ways that pay the bills. 

You just don't know what that looks like ... YET!  

Or maybe ... you are intrigued and inspired by the idea of using your gifts in new ways to serve God and the church  

  • You have a social media ministry presence and want to grow it to reach more people
  • You are an author, retreat leader, teacher, spiritual director, or other spiritual leader (or want to be!) and are curious about expanding your offerings 
  • You love the idea of Digital Ministry, but are intimidated by all you will need to learn 
  • You would like to find a way to serve part-time online and part-time for a congregation
  • You have a passion for evangelism and sharing the GOOD NEWS of God's love in new ways

The world is changing

Digital Ministry is a viable way to reach new people with the Gospel, and to enhance the in-person ministry you do with congregations and other communities.

But there are few resources! 

There is LOTS of new technology and social media, and platforms and skills change rapidly. 

It can be hard to get a handle on what we need for ministry, and how to utilize the entrepreneurial and digital opportunities available today for the sake of the church.  

You just don't have a roadmap ... YET!  

Maybe you are both frustrated with traditional ministry and intrigued by creative ministry...  

Free Range Priest is here to help!

Whether you are reimagining what 'part-time' or 'bi-vocational' really means, or you are ready to dip your toe into online ministry, here's a place to start  

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Creative Ministry Roadmap

Sustainable Ministry 101  

Digital Audit  

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