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"Father Cathie has been immensely helpful to me in sorting through the overwhelming possibilities of using technology for my coaching and consulting ministry. She has been awesome in helping me migrate from WordPress to LeadPages and setting up a full website that makes it easier for me to connect with people. She is a great teacher and problem solver and her boundless energy is inspiring! I highly recommend working with her!"  

- Sr. Becky Swanson, Not Fainthearted Coaching

MOST Ministry Websites are stuck in the 20th Century!

"of COURSE my church has a website!"

But have you seen it lately?

Is it page after page of 'information' and 'history', but no one can find when your services are? Or where you are located? Or whether there is a real person available to answer questions? How is your 'Digital Church Doorway' really welcoming those who are longing to know more about God?

If you are clergy, do you have a website that is separate from your congregation? If not, how will people find your sermons, videos, writings, and other ministry offerings? How will you have a comprehensive digital presence over time, regardless of where you serve?

It's TWO decades into the 21st Century - time to RE/imagine YOUR web presence!

Free Range Priest can help: 

  • Create a clear, simple, effective, attractive website
  • Select logo, colors, and theme for maximum Evangelical Outreach
  • Integrate email automation, checkout, calendar, video, and more
  • Host your site for less
  • Support easy access, editing, and re-design, by YOU at any time  

Together we will reach more people with GOOD NEWS!


Let Free Range Priest show you how.  

*all Free Range Priest return customers get an automatic 10% discount. Price does not include hosting or other platform integrations with subscription costs. 

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