Full Digital Launch

Are you ready to bring your ministry fully online?

There's a lot to think about when you launch or update a website:

Templates, colors, logos Good copy, photos, and offers Integrating email, checkout, and domain name

To consider your digital presence is to consider WHAT your ministry is, WHAT your gifts are, WHO you are reaching with GOOD NEWS, and HOW.

Your website is your window into the world, the window through which you reflect the love of God

Maybe you are ready to open this window, but not sure you have the skills, the tools, or the budget to do it effectively.

You have come to the right place! 

Get Started

 Free Range Priest makes a place for YOUR Creative Ministry to take shape

It's not just about having a website. 

It's about your ministry being an island of peace, forgiveness, reconciliation and LOVE in a sea of confusion.

It's about someone opening their laptop in the middle of night because they have reached the limit of their pain and finding a message of HOPE.

It's about GOOD NEWS. For everyone. 

Free Range Priest can help you design, build, integrate, launch and host your online ministry.

Together we can more fully connect YOUR gifts with others, and bear the presence of GOD into a world that truly it.

A full website and logo design usually costs $5,000 - $10,000. 

Your Full Digital Launch cost: $1,100* or 2 payments of $560

*plus $200/yr ($17/month) for hosting


Let's get started!

[If you're not ready for a full site yet, you may want to consider a 'digital business card'...]

Free Range Priest will make you a Ministry Mini-site

Get a four-panel, one-page website with a custom logo so others can find YOU, your gifts, and the love of GOD more easily online!  

Robin Reeves Ministries
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At Free Range Priest, we are uniquely qualified for Digital Ministry. 

This whole site - not just this page, but all of Free Range Priest - is designed by us.  

The layout, colors, words, integrations, and most of the photography are produced in our studio.  

We know ministry. And we know digital. And we know Good News.  

"I know a little bit more about tech than most church people. And I know a little bit more church than most tech people!" - Father Cathie Caimano