Sustainable Part-Time Ministry

Many small churches face a dilemma: they cannot afford full-time or even half-time clergy salaries. They are far from each other and other resources.

Clergy are also having a harder time finding full-time positions, or feel exhausted serving full-time hours for part-time pay. The institutional church continues to decline.

More clergy and congregations feel pressure to change, but don’t know how. It’s time for a new vision:

Sustainable Part-Time Ministry Training (SP-TM) is reimagining how clergy and small congregations serve sustainably together.

Truly Part-time Ministry Bootcamp

Fundamentals of Sustainable

Reimagining Sustainable Part-Time Ministry starts with these basic concepts...

  • Part-time is 2 Sundays a month

  • Clergy serve on task-based contract
  • Support lay ministry and leadership as ‘clergy consultants’
  • Digital and in-person ministry
  • Clergy serve multiple places without being overwhelmed
  • Congregations get the ordained ministry they need and can afford
  • More Good News is shared by all