Sustainable Ministry 101 

"Fr. Cathie is at St. Paul’s twice monthly. We carry on with Morning Prayer the other Sundays with worship leaders from our parish. I never think of her as a part-time priest or less than completely present at St. Paul’s. I don’t believe any of us have days when she is not with us in our hearts, souls, and daily lives. She’s never more than a call, text, or message away. We never feel neglected, and having the 2 Sundays of Morning Prayer each month only serves to create a sense of responsibility and participation. The ‘Free Range Priest’ is a brilliant concept and surely part of the Church’s future."  

- EP Ratledge, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, NC 

Sustainable Ministry = Financial and Spiritual stability for clergy and congregations

COMING SOON: Free Range Priest Online Course 

  • Learn new ways to serve part-time without burnout and exhaustion
  • Support lay ministry by being a 'clergy consultant''
  • Serve multiple congregations in supportive, sustainable ways
  • Help congregations find the GOOD NEWS in their own mission and ministry
  • Reach beyond the walls of the church and find those who are longing for relationship with God  

Together we will find new ways to thrive in ministry!


Let Free Range Priest show you how.  

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