St. Paul's Salisbury NC
Salisbury, NC

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

930 South Main Street, Salisbury, NC

join us for Sunday worship at 10:30am

 Holy Eucharist 2 Sundays per month Morning Prayer 2 Sundays per month click HERE for Holy Eucharist Schedule 

When you walk into 'the little church on the hill', you will find what you might expect: faithful worship, lovely music, a charming sanctuary and beautiful stained glass.  

You might also be surprised to feel the spiritual presence of the saints - past, present, and future - in this holy space filled with prayer, laughter, warmth, and joy.  

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Here are some great reasons to spend Sundays at St. Paul's:

  • Worship-centered community
  • True fellowship and care
  • Committed lay leadership
  • We have FUN together!
  • Deep commitment to following Jesus
  • Beautiful music

Spiritual History

  • Founded as a mission in 1887 under the leadership of the Rev. Francis Johnstone Murdoch
  • Served the mill community in the Chestnut Hill area of Salisbury, NC
  • Today includes members whose families have been here for less than a year, and more than 5 generations

Got Questions?

St. Paul's is an Episcopal Church, and it is served by a group of lay leaders called a 'vestry'. This leadership team rotates members every year, so most of the congregation eventually serves on this oversight committee. The 'senior warden' is the head of this committee, and is available for questions about our community.

Andrew DeFabo provides excellent musical direction and guides our worship committee.

Twice a month, Fr. Cathie Caimano, Free Range Priest, celebrates Eucharist at St. Paul's, and she also serves with us as our 'clergy consultant' for pastoral care, education, and worship questions.

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