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 A Ministry Mini-site Makes Online Easier

 Establish, update, or enhance your Digital Ministry presence.  

For Congregations, Clergy, and Creative ministry.

  • 4 sections on 1 page, with clear, attractive introduction to how you share Good News in the world.  
  • Designed by Free Range Priest to your specifications, hosted in our gallery. Visitors to this site find YOU!  
  • We do ALL the work - we link to your social media sites, and your preferred email address for contact.  
  • If you don't have a domain name of your own (, you can use ours! If you have a domain, you can forward it to your Mini-site.  
  • If you have a website already, you can use your Mini-site to highlight a program or service, or for extra visibility, and visitors can click through to see your full digital presence.  
  • You can update your Mini-site 5 times a year at no extra cost. In fact, we will remind you! (Is your Christmas sermon still up there?...)  

Make Me a Ministry Mini-site

If you are just starting out, or have a small budget, this is the online ministry solution you are looking for...

When was the last time you looked at your church's website?

Is it fully updated, with the name, location, times of services, and all other important information clearly stated? Is there an easy way to call, email, or contact an actual person with questions?  

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about the work (and cost!) it takes to change or update it?

If you are a clergy person, do you have a professional digital presence of your own? Do you have a place to host your sermons, videos, teaching, retreats, or other programs? Can people reach you directly with their spiritual concerns?

If you left your current call, would there be an online place for your ministry? 

Do you wish you had a better digital presence, but don't know where to start?  

 A place for Ministry Identity and Sustainability...

Help the people you serve remember your name!

Ministry Mini-site Logo

* As a bonus, Free Range Priest will craft a unique logo, just for your ministry! 

At Free Range Priest, we believe you should be paid for your creative ministry. Or any ministry, actually!

So we include a SUSTAINABILITY section of the Ministry Mini-site.  

Here's where you can share how you help others grow in the spiritual life and practice - and how they can take part in the programs and services you offer. And pay for them!

You will have to set up your own checkout gateway, but Free Range Priest can give you guidance, and link it to your Mini-site!  

A full website and logo design usually costs $5,000 - $10,000, and takes months to deliver. 

Your Ministry Mini-site cost: $425 Delivered in; 10 days (after you complete the Ministry Mini-site questionnaire) 

Let's get started!

[We make regular websites, too...]

Free Range Priest will design a full website for you! 

We use Leadpages, a website platform designed to be 'high-converting', which means that every part of it is designed to be interactive.

Bring more Good News to the world, and Bring more of the world to Good News!

Contact Me

At Free Range Priest, we are uniquely qualified for Digital Ministry. 

This whole site - not just this page, but all of Free Range Priest - is designed by us.  

The layout, colors, words, integrations, and most of the photography are produced in our studio.  

We know ministry. And we know digital. And we know Good News.

We would love to make you a Ministry Mini-site, and we can design and help you launch a standard website, too!  

"I know a little bit more about tech than most church people. And I know a little bit more church than most tech people!" - Father Cathie Caimano

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