photo: Maggie Haas

photo: Maggie Haas

Hi! I'm Father Cathie. I'm an Episcopal priest in North Carolina, serving congregations and people with the freedom to go where I am called. That's why my ministry is called Free Range Priest — instead of serving one church or group, I serve in many places and many ways. Through teaching and discussing Christian practice in everyday life, I help clergy and congregations re-imagine relationships and connect with audiences through digital evangelism.

I became a Free Range Priest after a decade serving in Episcopal congregations in New York City, Durham, NC and Wichita, KS, then another five years serving regionally on a bishop's staff, where I worked with clergy and congregations through mission and ministry development. Today I consult and teach for Backstory Preaching, an online preaching program, as part of my Free Range Priest Ministry, along with blogging, speaking,  coaching, and leading worship. 

I’m married to the love of my life, and together we raise my two dogs and his three kids (but don't call me a stepmom). I’m an avid runner, a pretty committed vegan, and a champion coffee-drinker.


Why ‘Father’?

'Father' is the title for a priest, and that’s what I am. Priests can consecrate the Eucharist, offer God’s blessing and forgiveness, and anoint the sick, baptize, marry, bury….But there’s so much more. We can help guide the Christian-curious through the Gospel's toughest questions, provide clarity in the midst of chaos, and offer love everywhere we go.

We call God 'Father', but certainly don't mean that we think God is a man. Fathers protect, provide, encourage, and support. That’s what fathers do in God’s family… whether or not we are men. Read more about it here.


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