Immersive Training Program: Free Range Priest

4 Key Concepts for Creative Ministry

It is not enough in today's church and world to rely on congregational ministry alone. Free Range Priest Immersive Training Program follows the "ITSGood" framework:


What IS your ministry?

  • What are your unique skills and tasks?
  • Categories of ordained ministry
  • How to let go of doing 'everything'


How do you SHARE it?

  • Traditional technology - pews and prayer books 
  • Digital and social media ministry
  •  How to focus on the essential basic skills


How do you get PAID?

  • Part-time pay = part-time hours (2 Sundays/month)
  • Hourly rates for teaching, preaching, coaching, retreats
  •  Online offerings

Good News

Who GETS it?

  • Work with more than one congregation (without 'overwhelm')
  • Help support and educate other clergy
  • Share the love of God with the wider world

Online Clergy Coaching

4 Sessions 1 for each topic of the 'ITSGood' framework. Homework to help guide you, and a personalized plan to take with you!


Let Free Range Priest show you how. 


Free Range Priest

Immersive Training Program (ITP)

Only 12 applications are accepted for each session, so we can focus on YOU and your Free Range Priest (minister, pastor, deacon, etc….) Ministry, and to foster community for support and encouragement.  

2020 Sessions 

Session 2: January 2 - February 20, 2020 Place deposit HERE 

Session 3: April 16 - June 04, 2020 Place deposit HERE  

cost: $1255 includes $200 non-refundable deposit balance may be paid in installments  

We will accept 12 applications/deposits per session until they are all full, then we will start a wait list!

Here’s what you get in this 8-week program:  

  • Weekly video lessons and written exercises
  • Weekly live online sessions
  •  A one-hour one-on-one video discernment call
  •  An exclusive Facebook group for each ITP Session
  •  A personalized Sustainable Ministry plan
  •  A Ministry Mini-site for you to get started (or enhance) your Digital Ministry  



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Immersive Training Program

"Cathie is a patient and able teacher, encouraging and challenging coach, and always gets the job done well and on time. You will be blessed to receive her guidance!"  

- the Rev. Dr. Lisa Cressman  

"The structures you see all around don’t quite fit the call, the vision, the future, the need. What do you do? Where do you go? A companion who has gone before is soooo helpful...  

Experience, Encouragement, Accessibility, qualities Cathie brings to the exploration and building of your new ministry, your next holy call."  

- the Rev. Sarah Hollar

"Our members handle the finances, building and grounds, planning and participation in worship services, pastoral care and outreach. Being so actively engaged in church operations enhances our understanding of our mission that we ARE the church.  

Father Cathie supports us in our lay ministries by inspiring us to focus on what the church is here to do." 

- Karen Lincoln, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, NC