Welcome to Free Range Priest. I'm Father Cathie, an Episcopal priest who views the world as my ministry. I teach Christian beliefs beyond the traditional congregation, and help churches think creatively about their mission. Through my blog I talk about following Jesus, shaping your life through faith, cultivating relationships, and how to be a light in the world.

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For Church Goers

How can we bring the Gospel to a growing, ever-changing world? Learn how the church can reach new members through digital evangelism, transform discipleship through Free Range Priest Ministry, or learn what it means to be a Free Range Priest in your context.


For Soul Searchers

Faith isn’t always found in the pew. More often, we search for faith in the everyday moments of our lives — during our greatest triumphs and toughest struggles. As we marry our partners, raise our children, and bury our loved ones. As things go our way, and especially when they don’t. Faith doesn’t provide all the answers, but it does give us a framework for seeing the world through more loving eyes. And love is larger than every evil.

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