What does it mean to be a Free Range Priest? It means serving God beyond the walls of the church. It means no limitations on who, or how, you can help. And it means no more trying to grow a big ministry on an unsustainable salary. When you’re invested, compensated, and free to spread the Gospel in a modern way, you can serve the Church like never before.

Instead of committing to a single parish or congregation, you can give your heart whenever and wherever you are called. Learn how to be an effective minister who pays the bills and crosses borders in the 21st century.



Get Free Range Clergy Coaching

Are you ready to go Free Range? The church is evolving, and clergy are being called to do something different. Instead of confining the Gospel to four walls and a single, shrinking audience, a Free Range Ministry empowers you to bring your message to the world. If souls are seeking everywhere, you can go anywhere.

Coaching for clergy covers…

  • Influencing a changing church in the 21st century
  • Consulting with groups and congregations about Free Range Priest ministry
  • Sharing the joy of following Jesus through preaching, teaching, and leading worship
  • Growing your discipleship to be a sustaining, life-giving practice

You have to go to grow. Become a Free Range Priest.


Digital Evangelism

Google and the Gospel are a powerful team. As fewer and fewer of us go to church, and more and more of us belong to no religion, we are still wondering: does God love me? Does God even exist? Why do we suffer? What happens when we die? And when we wonder these things, we turn to the internet. Church, then, can happen online.

Discover ways to reach new members, connect with seekers, and change the church through digital evangelism.

Learn how to…

  • Update your congregation's web presence and content
  • Increase your social media presence and minister through digital platforms
  • Establish your online ministry