Not getting paid for ministry is not ok.
And it never was.

Yet clergy work every day for no pay - or very little! (and we call this 'bi-vocational').

Clergy have always been compensated - from taking the food that was sacrificed on the altar in ancient times to living in housing provided by the community.

As we reimagine ministry in the 21st century, we also have to reimagine how it becomes sustainable. Part of this is Creative Ministry - solopreneurs who offer consulting, teaching, prayer practices, retreats, or other spiritual services directly to individuals and congregations.

Most Creative Ministers have one big fear: can I make a living doing this?
Yes, you can!
But it starts with believing you will.

Get Paid for your Creative Ministry

The hardest part of reimagining ministry is believing it's ok to be paid for our work. When we value our gifts, others will value them, too.

This free five-day email course gives you the tools you need to thrive in the ministry you're called to:

  • Getting comfortable with getting paid
  • Remembering the priceless nature of your work
  • How to scale and package your offerings
  • A formula for what to charge for your services

AND you will learn how you can afford to give things away, as well - like I can give this course as a gift to you!

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After working with Cathie I have a stronger sense of my ministry within the parish and in an online format. Most valuable was her ability to brainstorm and to deeply listen to my concerns.

- Rev. Marion