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New online courses all through 2022 help you bring church to all people.

  • Learn practical skills for sharing more Good News online.
  • Reimagine ministry for connecting others with the love of God.
  • Use these tools to serve those in the pews in more creative and sustainable ways.

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Why Reimagining Ministry is No Longer Optional

The Future of Church is Part-time

Most congregations cannot afford a full-time clergy salary and benefits.

Serving part-time in new ways:

  • supports traditional congregations as they are
  • helps clergy make a living at one vocation (not 'bi-vocational')
  • helps launch new, creative ministry 'side gigs'.

Practical Preaching in the Digital Age

Become a Clergy Consultant - to your own congregation

5 Steps to Start your Creative Ministry

*According to Barna research.