the Future of Church
is Part-time

  • How to serve truly part-time: not full-time hours for part-time pay
  • Stop going to meetings! (really)
  • Support and equip lay ministers
  • Don't be 'in-charge' - or even have a key to the building
  • Serve in more than one place at once without being overwhelmed
  • Start your own Creative Ministry with an income stream already in place
  • Serve on contract at a church that already has a full-time pastor (and needs a little help!)
  • See how serving truly part-time supports the Future of Church

This online course includes:

  • an 45-page workbook with exercises
  • 3 videos and..
  • a BONUS video personalized with insights and encouragement for YOU

Serve Part-time Sustainably

What people say about 'the Future is Part-time'...

“Fr. Cathie is at St. Paul’s twice monthly. I never think of her as a part-time priest or less than completely present. She’s never more than a call, text, or message away. We never feel neglected, and having the 2 Sundays of Morning Prayer each month only serves to create a sense of responsibility and participation. The ‘Free Range Priest’ is a brilliant concept and surely part of the Church’s future.

EP Ratledge, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, NC

“this has worked beautifully for our church. Being a small congregation, it's very hard to hire a part-time: a half-time or even quarter-time priest. It still puts a lot of financial strain and worries on an aging congregation like ours. So two Sundays a month has been great! Fr. Cathie comes in - not only does she preach, she gives us guidance in every aspect of ministry."

Karen Jones, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, NC

“It's an exciting time working with Cathie Caimano in the Diocese of North Carolina and a different way she has of providing clerical leadership to our churches... a timely offering in the life of the wider church."

the Rt. Rev. Samuel Rodman, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina