Ask Father Cathie


  Question: Now that the SCOTUS has ruled that same-sex couples are allowed to marry, will the Episcopal Church perform their weddings? Not 'blessings' but weddings?

Answer: Yes. In fact, your question could not be more timely. The Episcopal Church is in the midst of its 78th General Convention, which is the gathering, every three years, of all bishops and elected lay and clergy deputies from each Diocese, who make the rules and church policies that we all follow. It is the Legislature of our representative democracy, which may sound familiar, and not coincidentally, since our country and our church were founded at about the same time, by about the same people, for about the same reasons (separation from England).

Anyway, just yesterday, where they are gathered in Salt Lake City, the General Convention passed resolutions which both authorize a liturgy (religious service) for same-sex marriage and edit the current wedding liturgy to include non gender-specific language. Starting the first Sunday of Advent (November 29, 2015), these services will be authorized for use throughout the church. Read more about it here.