Ask Father Cathie


My first question! I am so excited! Question: Is it ok to pray for a boyfriend?

Answer: I am assuming you mean is it ok to pray that you will find a boyfriend, not that you are praying for a boyfriend you already have. The good news is that either way, the answer is yes!

First of all, God knows everything, so God already knows what is in your heart. Thus it is good to just share everything you want and need with God, and trust that God will guide your heart and send you answers.

Also, if you are looking for a boyfriend, praying about it will help you clarify that. Why do you want a boyfriend? What kind of boyfriend are you looking for? What kind of relationship? This helps you to answer questions about where you are looking and what you are looking for.

Christians believe that God is love, and that love is the source of every good relationship. So praying about this will also help you see love in the rest of your life. What kind of relationships do you already have, with friends, family, coworkers, etc.? How do they manifest love? Are there ways you would like to become more loving in your other relationships that might make you more open to romantic love when it comes your way?

That is one more important plus about praying for a boyfriend - you can start looking forward to that prayer being answered! As we know, God is not Santa Claus, or Amazon. You may not get exactly what you ordered, within 48 hours of doing so. But I do believe that if we ask for love to be brought into our lives, then God will answer that prayer. And then we need to be open to seeing it when it walks in. Sometimes we seek a certain kind of relationship, and then someone shows up and we say, 'that's not what I had in mind!' But if we believe our prayers are being answered, then maybe when someone appropriate enters our lives, even if they are not exactly what we imagined, we might have the courage to at least be a little open to the possibility.

Finally, it is ok to pray for your boyfriend whether you know who it is or not! I used to pray for my husband, long before I had one. I just believed one day I would, and so I would sometimes pray that he was happy, that he had a good day, things like that. It helped me feel closer to him when we finally met!

Love is all around us, in so many forms, and part of our walk with God is learning to love others, and to receive love. I don't think it is ever wrong to pray that we be guided as we walk this path.