A New Day!


It is the season of Easter, the season of Resurrection and new life, and I don't know about you, but I am filled with energy about what is being born in the world right now. Part of that, for me, is a renewed sense of calling in my life and ministry, a sense that God is so present with us and working in new ways in our lives and in the world. Part of this, for me, is finding new ways to talk and listen about the changing church, the Christian faith and practice of it, and how it matters in our lives in terms of peaceful relationships and holy conversation. So today I am launching my new Father Cathie website, as a place where I might help foster more of those conversations. Many thanks to Toban Penner at Penner Web Design, who made this site so beautiful, and is helping me become a Wordpress wiz!

Please come here often, send me questions and messages, and share with others if you feel moved. The church is all around us, and I am so excited to see where and how it is manifest to you.