25 Things I have loved and learned at the General Theological Seminary


1. The map quiz2. The orans position ('no hold ups, no fish stories') 3. Anglican Chant 3. Sung morning prayer 4. Sung compline, Mondays 9:00pm, setting by David Hurd 5. Bad bagels and bad coffee at Seabury's bottom, the best breakfast ever 6. 'The eyes of all wait upon thee, O Lord...' 7. The fire brigade - 'we're here to save you!' 8. The Chapel bells, calling us home from the city 9. Children playing 'procession' on the playground 10. My chapel seat, the one across from the word 'ecclesia', carved in gold on the wall 11. Baptisms in the 'baby baster' 12. Sitting all night at the altar of repose in the oratory 13. The basketball team 14. Fr. Wright's relics 15. The cookies at Dr. Corney's advisor meetings 16. 'Elizabeth I, our foundress' 17. 'O gracious light, pure brightness of the everliving Father in heaven...' 18. The tunnels 19. The black paint on the floors 20. The first time I ever chanted the psalm at the Eucharist 21. Sometimes being late for chapel and sitting outside rather than going in, letting the sound just wash over me 22. The follies 23. Some of the best friends I have ever made 24. The love of the Anglican faith, worn into every groove of my life and priesthood