Digital Ministry Translation Examples

What does it look like (and sound like, and feel like...)
when what we usually do in-person happens online?
Here's some thoughts about how to convey experiences on a digital platform...

Enjoy the view
video takes on a different element in the digital space. You don't always have to be in the picture - create a virtual holy place.

Go low tech/high tech
Not everyone is prepared to make the switch to digital - some don't have the availability of resources, or feel they can take on the challenges.

As we use the tech tools we have to share our ministry as we must, we can also make hybrid digital/physical worship, prayer, and formation that works for everyone.

Talk to a friend
In-person worship is standing in front of a gathered group, speaking to many at once.
Digital worship is talking to many, but one at a time. Speak softly. Have a seat.

Since we are all meeting in a virtual space, it won't seem as strange that some of the elements of worship, prayer, or study are crafted beforehand.

Pre-recording lets you share elements separately, and bring more together, especially at worship time.

Bring Good News to the world!
We are literally outside the walls of the church now.

There has never been a better time to share our faith with those who need it so much right now.

It's also time to re-think the boundaries of 'our' church, and realize we can share resources, prayers, and presence with communites all around us, no matter where they are.

We are one church in the digital world.

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