Digital Audit 

"I have taken great pleasure in Cathie’s Two Minutes of Good News videos. This may seem odd, given that I am not a Christian. Yet the messages Cathie communicates in these videos, often involving gratitude, humility, forgiveness and the imperative to love and be loved, transcend theological boundaries and have spoken to me directly. Moreover, Cathie conveys her message with an inviting clarity, gentleness and radiance."  

- Jon Rosen, Fair Game 

Americans check our phones 80 times a day!

Don't you want to be there with Good News?

Our job is to carry the love of God into all corners of the world - and that now includes the digital world. Chances are, your ministry or congregation has social media accounts, a website, and other ways to share your ministry online. But how are they working for you? Are you making the most of the ways technology makes it cheaper and easier than ever before to share your message and connect with people? Free Range Priest will look at what your Digital Ministry is today, and how it can work better for you.

Audit includes: 

  • Analysis of your current digital platforms
  • Recommendation for new ways of serving online
  • Upgrading your digital ministry skills
  • Basic training for maximum integration  

Together we will find new platforms for sharing God's love in the world!


Let Free Range Priest show you how.  

*all Free Range Priest return customers get an automatic 10% discount 

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