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What you get

Creative Ministry Startup is both practical and spiritual guidance as you launch your own entrepreneurial ministry.

You could be a Christian author, podcaster, retreat leader, singer, youth group curriculum-maker, spiritual gifts discerner, coach, consultant, teacher, faith practices guide, worship leader, wedding/funeral officiant ... the list goes on!

Especially today.

It's never been easier to reach those both inside and outside the church with the unique way you bear the Scripture, sacraments, and traditions of the Christian faith into the world.

Creative Ministry Startup helps you with the practical tasks of a business startup, and the spiritual path of discerning where you are called to bring more
Good News.

6 individual coaching sessions, 6 group sessions, FB group to share ideas and encouragement, website and logo design included, and more!

In 6 months you will have the tools you need for the Future of Church - and the ministry you are called to serve

Creative Ministry Startup

Here's what we'll work on...

  • Ministry Identity - What is your ministry? Discern an engaging name, domain (digital address), logo, what you offer. Your unique way of bringing God's love more fully into the world. I'll help you with tools and advice on how to find what's right for what you do.

  • Social Media - Which ones and why? When and how to post, who are you reaching? This is your digital neighborhood, and I'll help you decide where to set up and what to talk about with those who are waiting for your gifts.

  • Website - This is your digital doorway, and it should be a sanctuary - a taste of the transformation your ministry will bring. I'll design a basic site for you, and show you how to use it, at no extra cost! If you already have one, I'll evaluate it and help you make the very most of it.

  • Email list and automation - This is your own community - the people who follow you and want to hear from you how God loves them; I'll help you set up your basic communication and nurture your relationship with them.

  • What will you charge? - What services are you offering and what do they cost? Money and ministry are often uncomfortable! We'll talk about how to bring the most value in the most sustainable way, and set up a practical payment process.

  • The Business of ministry - nonprofit or LLC? What about taxes? Liability insurance? We'll talk about the business aspects all Creative Ministers need to know.


Experience, encouragement, accessibility - all qualities Cathie brings to the exploration and building of your new ministry, your next holy call.

Rev. Sarah


I am grateful to Cathie for seeing my call, for helping me claim it, and for gathering a group of strong and creative clergy to walk this way together.

Rev. Callie


Free Range Priest is the validation and support that the bi-vocational priest/pastor/minister and congregations of the 21st century need

Rev. Scott

Is it time to reimagine your ministry?

It's time to find out!