Creative Ministry Coaching

"Cathie Caimano's ministry known as Free Range Priest is the validation and support that
the bi-vocational priest/pastor/minister and congregations of the 21st century need!"

-the Rev. Scott A. Moore, Germany

"I have so many new ideas for my ministry!  I think a change of mindset is really important, to realize it's a lot easier than I thought to make changes and expand digital ministry. I appreciate Cathie's willingness to explore and admit that mistakes will happen and not to worry about them but grow from them."
- the Rev. Paula Rachal

Free Range Priest is here to help!

4 online coaching sessions that you can use at any time
Let's get to work on your ministry challenges:

  • Master Digital Ministry platforms/tools
  • Discover your true gifts for ministry and how to use them
  • Renew your joy in serving the church and sharing Good News of God's love
  • Plan your own path to Sustainable Ministry
  • Live into ONE vocation - while serving in more than one place

... or whatever other Creative, Sustainable
or Digital
Ministry path is before you.

Free Range Priest will help you find the next step

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