Cathie Caimano

I was ordained in the Episcopal Church almost 20 years ago, after attending seminary in New York City. I was raised Roman Catholic, but changed denominations when I found Episcopal faith practices to be so much like those I learned from the Jesuits in my undergraduate days.  

Back then, being clergy almost exclusively meant serving in congregational ministry, which I did for a decade, serving in New York; Durham, NC; and Wichita, KS.

I loved it! And I loved the people with whom I served. After that, I had the privilege of serving for 5 years on the staff of the then-Bishop of North Carolina (you might have heard of him!), doing congregational development and clergy support. I started to see how the issues are the same everywhere, for everyone - how lots of clergy and congregations are struggling. 

Then I took what I learned about how ministry is changing and how to support clergy and congregations in the 21st century church - and world - and I became a Free Range Priest in 2016.  

I wrote a book, some articles, got interviewed for a great podcast, and get to serve with some amazing ministries.  

Every day, I learn new ways to help others bring Good News to the world in the most effective, sustainable ways.  

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