Full-time hours for part-time pay is worth reimagining

You love your congregation but you are exhausted from doing 'everything'
and not getting paid enough to cover your bills.

You have a hard time setting boundaries around your own responsibilities
and struggle to encourage others in their leadership.

It's time to re-think your relationship to congregational ministry -
and your own ministry, too!

Become a 'Clergy Consultant' - with your own congregation

Instead of being 'in charge' of a group of people, a building, and a set of programs, be the one who walks alongside of a spiritual community and wonders where God is in all of this.

Instead of bringing in a consultant to help you and the congregation you serve manage your ministry, become that consultant yourself by reimagining your role in serving with a congregation.

This course gives you the framework to consider your ministry differently:

  • What is your role in ministry?
  • How to support partnership between lay and clergy leaders
  • How to make fewer decisions alone
  • How to stay out of conflict

It all starts with a few steps towards reimagining your own call and helping others answer theirs...


Fr. Cathie is never more than a call, text, or message away. We never feel neglected, and having the 2 Sundays of Morning Prayer each month only serves to create a sense of responsibility and participation.

The ‘Free Range Priest’ is a brilliant concept and surely part of the Church’s future.’

member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Salisbury, NC