Serve as you were called
Re-think HOW we do ministry:
from volunteers, outreach,
and committees to
engaging others in their spiritual health and growth.
We don't have to do everything
the way we 'always have'.
Lead congregations in new ways, or start your own adventure as an entrepreneurial minister.

Take the First Step

Most clergy are part-time
Reimagining ministry means
talking about money!
Congregations can move from
a stewardship to
a subscription model.
Clergy can serve
in multiple places and ways.
The Future of Church depends on re-thinking how we support ministry - and ministers.

Get Paid for your Creative Ministry

Beyond Livestreaming
Today's church needs to be as plugged in
as the rest of our lives are.
Use digital tools to engage disciples and enhance in-person meeting.
You don't have to be a 'tech person'
- just a 'church person'.
A little digital goes a long way!


I’m Cathie Caimano, 'Father Cathie'*,

and I am your Free Range Priest.

'Like the chicken?' people always ask me - and I say, 'yes!'

Because it's still 'chicken' - still ministry - it's just healthier and more sustainable (and it tastes better! Or so I've heard. I'm a vegetarian...)

For over 6 years, I have dedicated my ministry to finding new ways to be church in the digital age.

Why I want to help you

I love God, love the church, and I find joy in connecting people with their faith and encouraging others in their calling.

I know there has to be a better way to 'do' church than the 20th century congregational model that's in steep decline.

I know there are faithful ministers everywhere finding creative ways to share the Good News of God's love.

I am called to be your Creative Ministry Optimist (CEO)! Free Range Priest is empowering ministers to reimagine the Future of Church.

* Why 'Father' Cathie? Click HERE to find out

Fr Cathie Caimano

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